Bag Storage Hacks

Life Quote: One can never have too many bags! Struggling to find space for your Obermain bags? These bag storage hacks might come in handy for any bag lovers who wants to store theirbags effectively and still aesthetically pleasing on the eyes.

1. Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers can keep handbags stand upright and separated. This is a good choice if you have plenty of shelf space in your closet. This is also an excellent way to allow you to see your entire bag collection all at once.

2. Magazine Holder

Holders can work for handbags as well, especially those slim bags or clutch, they can slip easily into magazine holders. With this type of organizer, your smaller bags will look neat and protected all in one place.

3. Baskets or Bins

Baskets are excellent for storing various sizes of handbags. Thera are plenty of options of baskets and bins with various sizes on the market, so finding something in the right size and style is almost guaranteed. Ideally you can put them baskets inside your bottom cupboard for easy access or top cupboard for less favorite bags.

4. Hooks

Hooks are a convenient way to store bags. You can place hooks on wall, doors, and inside closet door. Hooks are an easy way to keep your bag visible and within easy reach.

5. Over The Door Bag Organizers

There are several products that let you hang bags vertically on door with a rack. This is a great space-saving method of storing totes and handbags.

6. Shower Curtain Rings

This is an inexpensive and simple storage solution for bags. Only by attaching the rings to a closet rod and hang the bags from their handles, this usually forces the bags into a sideway position and you will be able to line up their narrowest parts to save space.

7. Bookcase

You can always use a bookcase if you don’t want to install wall shelving. This storage solution is a good option if you don’t have existing built-in shelving in a closet for your bags.

8. Add-on Shelf on Closet Door

This is an effective option for small bags or small items storage. While space effective, this add-on shelf is making things easy to find.

So keep calm, and keep shopping Obermain bag!


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